A PEMBROKESHIRE rugby club's weekly draw has now paid out £25,000 in prize money to members and supporters

The milestone was reached last week by Narberth Rugby Club as it marked the 13-month anniversary of its Weekly Jackpot.

Fifty nine members and supporters of the Otters have been lucky winners of the popular weekly draw, which was originally launched as the Lockdown Lottery in June 2020.

Last Friday's lucky winner was Steve Allen, former player and committee man for the Otters and father of Wales footballer Joe Allen.

Steve scooped £477.50 - another record payout for the weekly draw, which now has 382 numbers.

Anyone interested in joining the Otters Weekly Jackpot should contact Robin Probert on 07772 259980.

Numbers cost £2.50 and the minimum entry point is £20 which buys eight weekly draws.