A heartwarming letter of thanks to Withybush from a grateful daughter....

MY elderly father was admitted to Withybush General Hospital (Ward 12) at the end of March, with sudden deterioration, chest infection (not Covid) and unable to walk, becoming bedbound.

It became obvious to me, a senior palliative care nurse (in London, Barts health), that he would not be able to return home.

He was so well cared for during his admission by all members of the team, and in particular the nursing team.

There was always a nurse in the bay, and they always remained cheerful, and cared for the patients so well. For example, he remained in bed throughout the stay - (occasionally getting out of bed with help - but this became too difficult and he was unable to tolerate this) - but all his pressure areas were intact.

The discharge to my home in East London took some time- with assessments. The ward sister/manager and the long-term conditions specialist nurse met with us - over a Teams meeting - to arrange.

Of course, this also meant liaising with the local health authority and Waltham Forest, and arranging a care package with agencies not familiar with them.

I must thank them for their hard work - and addressing transportation to London as he required a two-man crew and a stretcher as he does not tolerate sitting in a chair, so thanks too to the Welsh Ambulance Service.

He arrived safely on July 13 and now is settled here with a package of care, with me, his daughter, grandchildren and a miniature poodle.

As a daughter and palliative care nurse this was so important to me, and I'm really grateful that the team enabled this to happen.


By email