ANY new developments in the town centre are very welcome but I feel Pembrokeshire County Council current plans are not holistic enough and they should broaden their horizon.

As an ex-resident parking in Haverfordwest has been an issue for the last two decades plus there is now a housing shortage.

The current regeneration plans do not take these issues into account. In addition, the current multistorey car park has been described as ‘unfit’.

Within easy walking distance there is a five-acre brownfield site that has been up for sale for some time now. It is the last remaining ground available that is adjacent to the town centre.

The old cattle market is now redundant and in a derelict condition. I am no expert but why would this site not be suitable for a new multi-storey car park and apartment buildings?

The car park could incorporate electric charging points and a six to eight storey high building, cleverly designed, would not look out of place.

Other than traffic lights positioned at the entrance of Bridge Meadow Lane no major road improvements would be needed.

A combined apartment block and sympathetic retail area could then be built on the old multi- storey parking site.

For decades now retail has been encouraged to leave town centres to out of town shopping developments.

As a result, along with the massive increase in on-line shopping many shopping centres especially at night are ghost towns.

Town centres do not necessarily need more retail space, modernise yes, but they need people.

Improve the parking and bring people back to live near and in the town and the town centre will look after itself.

Andrew Coles, By email