FOLLOWING on from the outstanding successful three days of fundraising in August for Radio Caroline, which resulted in more than £52,000 raised and 173 new supporter group members, it will link up once again with Manx Radio for the Radio Caroline North, weekend on September 18 and 19.

The programmes from the studios aboard the radio ship, Ross Revenge, start at 10.30am on Saturday until 9pm on Sunday using Manx Radio's MW AM frequency of 1368khz for that authentic sound of radio from back in the 1960s when Radio Caroline North broadcast from the ship, MV Fredericia, in Ramsey Bay.

If crystal clear audio is preferred then the programmes are available online via the Radio Caroline and Manx Radio websites, smart speakers and smart phones.

Thanks to the generosity of the ever-increasing listeners, Radio Caroline, with its presenters who give their time for free and purely for the love of the station, can continue, including a power increase to their 648khz MW AM frequency approved by Ofcom.

Enjoy the weekend of musical memories from the 1960s, 70s, 80s and early 1990s.

Radio Caroline continues to bring radio as it should be to the UK and though the magic of technology, the whole world.


Simpson Cross