FISHGUARD and Goodwick town councillors have voted against parking changes in Goodwick, saying that they are ‘not needed’ and could be the ‘thin end of the wedge’.

A parking consolidation order, sent to councillors for comment, proposed that the small car park between Tesco and the petrol station, currently part of Goodwick Moor car park, will be renamed the Seafront Goodwick car park and a maximum stay of two hours will be introduced.

Also in Goodwick, the small part of the Parrog car park, the grass area directly adjoining the Ocean Lab will no longer be considered part of the existing car park. This is in preparation for when the building changes hands from Pembrokeshire County Council to Sea Trust.

Pembrokeshire County Council’s street care and parking manager, Marc Owen, told the Western Telegraph that no charges are planned for either this new car park or Goodwick Moor car park, which is popular with walkers, beach goers and shoppers.

However, at its September meeting councillors remains sceptical that changes now could lead to charges in the future.

“I am concerned that it is paving the way for more expensive parking following charge increases in West Street and other car parks,” said Cllr Brian Murphy. “That it could be the start of introduction of parking charges where it’s previously been free.”

Cllr Murphy added that a fine if drivers exceeded the two hour period also constituted a parking charge.

Councillor Chris Sturman agreed, saying that the changes in the order could be the ‘thin end of the wedge’ while Cllr Gareth Davies added: “If it starts here, what’s next? We should oppose it.”

Mayor Jackie Stokes pointed out that councillors could not object on the basis of charges as none were mentioned in the order.

“All we can ask is how are they intending to enforce two hours,” she said.

She added that she was happy for the county council to put a two hour limit on the Seafront car park as it was ‘quite handy for shoppers both in Tesco and the garage’ and could get quite full at times.

However, Councillor Lynn Porter said she did not agree that parking between Tesco and the garage needed to be limited to two hours.

“I have never found it a problem in Goodwick. I don’t agree. I propose that we object to the two-hour limit,” she said.

Nine councillors agreed with Cllr Porter, voting to object to the introduction of a two hour limit in the Seafront car park.