TO combat being overrun, a long established hotel in Pembrokeshire has put a membership fee on people wanting to visit.

Owner of the Druidstone Hotel, Angus Bell, described how ‘growing pressures’ from the pandemic has threatened to affect the quality of service the Druidstone provides.

Because of the fear of being overrun, the hotel, which is set in Druidston Haven, St Brides Bay, has put a membership fee on its bar, with people having to pay £200 to be able to stop by when they feel like a drink.

This summer, due to the pandemic and the travel restrictions imposed, the rise in 'staycations' - holidays spent within the UK - have increased massively with destinations such as Pembrokeshire affected by a higher than usual influx of tourists.

Mr Bell said the ability to provide a welcoming experience for regular patrons had been threatened.

"We are not alone in having to respond to very real and growing pressures which have accelerated during the pandemic," said Mr Bell.

"These pressures affect our staff, our ability to provide a welcoming experience for regular guests and our family home.

"They have forced us to reflect on the sort of place we want Druidstone to be.

"Our decision to roll out membership responds directly to these pressures. It enables us to keep visitor numbers at a manageable level and provide a nicer place for people who stay, work and live here.

"It has been extremely well received by many members, who know us well and have visited us for many years.

"Druidstone has always been a place for people to reconnect, relax and find themselves. We look forward to continuing to provide this experience for our guests and loyal supporters."

The restaurant is open to all members of the public provided they have booked.

As of Monday, September 20, The Druidstone said it had removed the membership application form from the website until ‘media interest had died down’.