A LOCAL MP has described it as a 'huge move' by governing body Welsh Rugby Union whihc will ensure life-saving defibrillators are installed at every club in Wales, free of charge this season.

Samuel Kurtz praised the WRU for the lifesaving defib scheme, saying: “This is a huge move from the Welsh Rugby Union and charity Calon – one that will offer lifesaving benefits to the thousands that use Wales’ rugby clubs.”

Leading heart charity Calon Hearts will provide the defibrillator, manage its installation and provide training to relevant volunteers at clubs on use and maintenance of the equipment.

Mr Kurtz went on to say: “As a result of their generosity, every person that steps foot onto a rugby club pitch will have the reassurance that a defibrillator is close by.

“Whilst we all hope that they’ll never have to be used, knowing that a defib is metres away will offer rugby players of all ages peace of mind.

“As a sports playing nation, we now need to make sure our football pitches, netball courts and all sport grounds have the same access to defibrillators. The job is not yet complete.

“I want to pay tribute to all those involved in this fantastic project. Because of the WRU’s commitment, lives will be saved.”