THE Welsh Government has announced its intention to ban the use of deadly glue traps in Wales.

While the Welsh Government had previously said it plans to ban snares, this is the first time they have committed to doing the same for deadly glue traps too.

Glue traps, also known as ‘glue boards’ or ‘sticky boards’, consist of a sheet of plastic, cardboard or wood coated with non-drying adhesive designed to trap rodents such as mice and rats as they cross the board.

The announcement follows RSPCA Cymru's recent #LawsForPaws campaign - where animal lovers across Wales sent thousands of emails to their members of the Senedd, urging them to use the Welsh Parliament's first ballot for member-proposed legislation for three years to propose RSPCA-backed animal-friendly proposals, including a Glue Trap Offences (Wales) Bill.

Vikki Howells MS and Andrew RT Davies MS tabled proposals to ban glue traps and while neither got lucky when the ballot was drawn, the Welsh Government has responded by confirming it backs the bill.

A huge 73 per cent of incidents seen by the RSPCA concerning glue traps have involved non-target species such as pets and other wild animals, many of which were too badly maimed and injured to survive.

In England, the UK Government has already backed a Bill banning the use of glue traps for pest control.

David Bowles, the head of public affairs at the RSPCA, said: "Glue traps are horrible devices - and our officers have been left shocked and horrified by the awful injuries inflicted to wildlife, pets and other animals.

"These traps can cause immense pain and suffering to animals, and should have no place in modern Wales. So we're absolutely delighted that the Welsh Government has now announced plans to outlaw glue traps once and for all, as it outlines its next steps linked to the landmark Agriculture (Wales) Bill."

Vikki Howells MS said: “I am pleased to have worked with RSPCA Cymru for many years to raise awareness of this, and to press for a change in the law including through my Member’s Bill, and I look forward to the Welsh Government bringing forward its detailed proposals to protect animals in Wales.”

Andrew RT Davies MS added: "The UK Government has rightly supported the banning of glue traps in England and its vital Wales follows suit.

"While my Bill was not selected, I'm pleased the Welsh Government have now confirmed they will outlaw glue traps in Wales.

"It's vital this progresses quickly and I will continue to press on this in the months ahead".