The Pembrokeshire community has stood up to support a woman who has recently had her potentially life-saving cancer operation cancelled.

Sarah Harries, from Narberth, has stage two breast cancer. She was diagnosed in June and was given an operation date for Tuesday, September 28.

Sarah has two malignant tumours in her left breast, close to the lymph nodes, an area where if the tumours spread to, could prove very dangerous for her.

However, a late cancellation from the NHS management team on the Friday prior to the operation, without a new date in place, put a lot of stress onto Sarah and her partner Steve.

Immediately, a GoFundMe page was set up to try and help Sarah get her urgent treatment of a mastectomy and reconstruction from Cardiff Nuffield.

Sarah's partner Steve has spoken about how fantastic the community has been through the GoFundMe page, after the target of £7,000 was reached within 24 hours.

Steve said: "People over here are amazing. It is absolutely remarkable what's happened, and there's still more fundraising to be done.

"There are some really beautiful things going on right now in the community behind the scenes, as well as reaching the target on the page."

A local Wales international darts player, and a local Wales international pool player, are hosting two tournaments in order to raise funds for Sarah.

It is hoped that the there will be 100 people participating in each tournament, with a prize pot available for the winners and the rest of the money going to Sarah's medical costs.

Sarah has also received support from eight others in a similar position, who say they have had their cancer operations cancelled at the eleventh hour with no new date given to them.

To read the full story from Sarah and Steve, and to donate funds towards their cause, visit

UPDATE: Sarah is currently in Llanelli Hospital after her operation went ahead this afternoon