REALLY pleased to see those great pictures of Wally the Walrus on pages 1 and 3 of the Western Telegraph, September 22.

Doesn't he look well?

"Llawn ei got," as we say in Welsh.

He's certainly had a good summer on his travels. Plenty of 'fish suppers'.

Glad to see he's back in Iceland. Not many people know that is where I first spoke to Wally back in 2018, whilst on an Icelandic cruise.

I told him all about Cardigan Island Coastal Farm Park in Gwbert ,Cardigan and handed him a holiday brochure.

I explained that we had a disused rock slip-way opposite Cardigan Island and he'd have the company of seals and dolphins and as much top quality "fruits de mer" as he could eat!

We even have a nice, well-appointed cave, washed clean by the tide twice a day, adjacent to the slip-way. What more could a walrus want? It would have had the seal of approval.

So he headed south to join us early in 2020, but unfortunately his 'Salt Nav' was in a caffle and he got really lost, visiting.... Ireland , Tenby [only missed us by a whisker, then], Guernsey, France, Bilbao in Spain, and the Scilly Isles, before ending up back in Ireland.

Anyway, he missed us again on the way home. Never mind. I'm sure he enjoyed his travels.

"Wally on tour !"......The trip of a lifetime ....a modern day Icelandic Saga.......What a great tale for Walt Disney !!!


Cardigan Island Coastal Farm Park,