New coronavirus testing rules for secondary school and college students in Wales have been announced by the Welsh Government.

From Monday, October 11 pupils under the age of 18 will be advised to take daily lateral flow tests for seven days if someone in their household tests positive for coronavirus.

The new measure is in addition to the PCR tests taken on day two and day eight.

Announcing the new guidance, minister for education Jeremy Miles MS said: "I want to do all I can to minimise disruption to education and childcare. I recognise that some schools and parents have been confused and concerned that pupils can attend school or college if they are a household contact as long as they are asymptomatic.

"I have listened to these concerns and considered what additional assurance can be provided while also enabling learners to continue to attend school."

New advice for younger children has also been announced by the Welsh Government. Under 5s will no longer be advised to take Covid tests unless directed to do so by a doctor or if a parents believes a test is necessary and in the best interest of the child.

Mr Miles said: "In considering the merits of testing, asymptomatic testing in particular, it is important to consider the potential harms. I have been concerned at the level of PCR testing being undertaken of children under five years of age which has increased fivefold since the beginning of August.

"Testing can be distressing for the child, it can be difficult to obtain an appropriate sample and of course children of this age are much less likely to pass on the virus to others. Following advice from our testing advisory group I have agreed that we will no longer recommend that children under 5 years of age take Covid-19 tests without symptoms."

Other changes announced by the Welsh Government include vaccinated school staff identified as contacts of a positive case must receive a negative PCR test result before returning to work.

The minister also announced that the vaccination programme for 12-15 year olds has now started across Wales.