THE Climate Emergency: listen to the young, and act for them,

I am over 60; those regular writers who find fault with renewable energy are, I suspect, at least middle aged.

Isn't it depressing that some older people keep insisting, Trump-style, that clean energy technologies can't meet all our needs?

They ever praise fossil fuel power generation, despite so much progress in renewable energy conversion and energy storage.

Meanwhile we who think of those much younger or not yet born keep pointing it out: renewable energy expansion would mean great opportunities in West Wales, right across the jobs spectrum.

It was good to see your report (September 29) on children protesting for climate justice outside County Hall; and on September 28 Greta Thunberg, addressing a youth climate summit, called for “real climate action,” not political waffle.

And an enormous effort is needed: The UN projects that on present trends annual global carbon emissions will have risen another 16 per cent by 2030, while to keep global temperature rise to the agreed safe limit of 1.5C, they need to be halved.

Suppose someone younger asks, in the style of the famous poster: ‘What are you doing about the Climate Emergency?’

How will some of us reply, and with what justification…?