PROJECTED traffic increase figures for a proposed 50 unit development on the outskirts of Fishguard have been called 'total rubbish, by a Fishguard Town Councillor.

The pre planning consultation submitted by Cardiff-based Asbri Planning is for affordable homes, to be built by Wales and West Housing, on land behind Clos-y-Bigney was discussed by Fishguard Town Council at its October meeting.

The 1.7 hectares site is proposed to be developed into a mixture of one-bedroom flats, one-bedroom bungalows, two, three and four bedroom houses.

Although councillors did not have a problem with the concept of housing at the site, chairman of the council's planning committee, Cllr Edward Perkins, questioned traffic projections and assertions made in the initial plans about access.

The houses include parking spaces for 86 cars, however a pre planning consultation report states that the development will only see 25 more traffic movements in the morning and 24 more in the afternoon.

"I think the figures of 24 and 25 are total rubbish. How can you assume that 24 will go out and 25 will come back when there is space for 84 car parking spaces?" he said.

He said that traffic at the Pendre/Penbanc mini roundabout was already high as the road was used 'almost as a traffic highway' with vehicles coming from the medical centre and West Street car park.

"I don't believe that Pembrokeshire County Council or the developers have done any sort of [traffic] survey," he said.

Cllr Perkins also questioned the access to the development.

"The issue is access," he said. "The access is described as two way but I have been out with my tape measure and I don't think that is right."

A letter sent to the developers from the town council says that the developers' assertions that much of the access road to the site is suitable for two way traffic 'is not entirely true' as narrow portions of the road exist 'particularly close to the exit onto the main A487'.

The town council points out that some of the access road is only 3.8 metres wide and 'not suitable for two-way traffic. It is described as a single-track road'.

Concerns are also raised about construction traffic navigating the narrow road and the fact that there is no traffic management plan mentioned.

Cllr Perkins also questioned how much of the hedge in Maesgwynne lane would have to be removed to allow access to the site, given that the environmental report says the hedge bank is to be kept.

The street lighting plan and its effect on bat and insect populations was raised by the council. With Cllr Lynn Porter saying that another Wales and West Housing development in Fishguard has no timers or shields on its street lighting and is 'lit up like a belisha beacon' at night.

The council has also asked whether electric vehicle charging points will be included in the development.