PRIMARY and secondary schools in Wales need to improve teaching of Welsh, and black, Asian, and minority ethnic history and culture, says an education watchdog.

According to a report published on Thursday, October 7, by Estyn, schools need to provide more opportunities for pupils to learn about the subjects including how different communities have contributed to Wales and the world.

The report said that while there are examples of good practice within schools, the majority of pupils have "little knowledge of the historical events that have shaped their local area".

"They do not make connections between individuals and events in Welsh history to global history and teachers need more support and professional learning," the report said.

Inspectors found that schools in multicultural areas prioritise teaching about the histories of black, Asian, and minority ethnic individuals and communities more than schools in other areas.

Where this aspect is well planned, teaching focuses on developing pupils’ understanding of local, Welsh, and international history from multiple perspectives. However, in most schools, pupils have limited knowledge and understanding of these topics.

Claire Morgan, chief inspector, said, "The Black Lives Matter movement renewed focus on anti-racism education and the teaching of black, Asian, and minority ethnic history and culture. Our review looks at how diversity is taught in schools in Wales.

"Despite school leaders recognising the opportunities that the new Curriculum for Wales presents, it’s clear that more needs to be done to ensure that teaching and learning represents all of Wales’ communities and their international connections.

"We recommend that Welsh Government and local authorities provide more support to help schools develop training and resources to create a curriculum that reflects the culture, environment and history of Wales."

Case studies in the report highlight that when given the opportunity, pupils enjoy learning about local and Welsh history, identity and culture and the contribution of ethnic minority individuals to history.

The report recommends that teachers would benefit from more professional learning opportunities on teaching diversity, anti-racism and ethnic minority culture and history within Wales.