FISHGUARD and Goodwick Town Council has voted to award Fishguard's famous New Year's Eve street party a grant of £1,500.

The event, named as one of the best in the UK, will be back this year with the purchase of a £5 wristband as ticket compulsory to enter venues around the Square including the town hall.

As well as headlining tribute act This Is Queen, the party will boast support from popular local band Honey Fungus and activities for kids in the town hall.

The party's organisers applied to the council for a grant of £2,000 to cover the £400 cost of hiring the town hall as well as £1,100 for hire of the activities within the hall. The remaining £500 was to go towards the cost of hiring security on the evening at £150 per security guard.

The application had already gone before the council's finance committee which recommended that the street party be awarded £1,500.

"We recommended that because we are on a pretty tight budget this year and that's what we have awarded previously," said mayor Jackie Stokes.

Some councillors supported awarding the entire £2,000 asked for.

"It's such an important occasion," said councillor Edward Perkins. Councillor Gwilym Price was also in support of awarding the higher sum as well as deputy mayor Sharon McCarney who said that 'everything is going up' and that the cancellation of the event due to Covid last year meant that the committee had not had the chance to earn revenue from it.

Tow clerk, Cath Bannister, pointed out that the last party in 2019 had around £13,000 coming in and with £11,500 going out.

In a final vote, four councillors voted to award £2,000 with the majority of six voting for a £1,500 grant.