WE need to open up the debate locally about levelling-up and what might work in Pembrokeshire.

Apart from a complete hospital with stents, radiotherapy and advanced nuclear medicine, as well as A&W, paediatrics and obstetrics, we need speedy transport links and infrastructure.

With the risk of low lying land flooding we need urgently to improve our tree planting, slowing rivers, (beavers?) sewage drain upgrading and think carefully about what areas to try and protect, and how we intend to do this, and what we can afford, or not afford, to do... I remember walking across the Haverfordwest new bridge in waders in the 1980s flood. This will happen again shortly..so should we embrace some of the change if it's inevitable?

Railways can help global warming and local employment if we expand them to carry freight (again) and local railheads with smaller lorries can distribute, employ local people, and reduce road damage.

Giving money to local councils does not address many of these issues, and this appears to be the plan. It is in our mutual interest to have a national (and regional ) plan.

There will be many opponents with legal and financial means to delay and even reverse the actions needed, so we need legislation that allows speedy implementation and monitoring for compliance such as we saw when the LNG gas pipeline was laid across the county.