Among the topics which are creating lively discussion in Pembrokeshire are a) second homes and b) school closures.

Let me point out relevant features of both affecting our village, Dinas Cross, where the beautiful bay of Cwm yr Eglwys has frequently been filmed and photographed.

Quite a few years ago the county council started making noises about the closure of the school.

I was a community councillor in those days and my immediate reaction was to point out that young families would stop moving into the village.

I also obtained the support of politicians, both Conservative and Plaid. However PCC had made up its mind and the school has duly closed. And it is a very rare thing for a young family to move in these days. Therefore the number of second homes has increased.

Now my attitude to second homes is somewhat ambivalent. My dwelling was a second home when my husband and I bought it in 1975. My husband had actually lived in the village as a youngster when his grandfather was the rector of the church and his father was a prison chaplain during the war. So we did have connections.

In 1978 my home city of Leicester was changing out of all recognition and we suddenly decided to sell up and come and enjoy Pembrokeshire while still young enough. We brought our four corgis and two cats with us. I was a community councillor for over 30 years. My husband was a community dental officer (or school dentist) for many years, too.

So the county council must take note of its responsibility not to litter us with too many second homes, by closing schools.


Dinas Cross