AUTUMN cold is with us and winter cold is just around the corner.

Party political conferences have been held and politicians have deliberately avoided the mention of the shortage of gas and maybe electricity and the cost to the general public.

They forgot to mention that gas storage facilities had been deliberately shut down despite the numerous warnings and that there would be a shortage of drivers due to Brexit. They forgot to mention that petrol costs would rise. They forgot to mention that their fuel costs were free since it was part of their expense extras. And they forgot to mention the bonus of £10,000 received at the beginning of the pandemic.

We live in an era of conmen and tricksters and Mr. Johnson's conference speech has added an extra dimension while he enjoys an expensive family holiday in Spain.

It was St. Paul who warned "Let no man deceive you with vain words."

It was a Nobel Prize winner who said recently "Without facts there is no Truth or Trust."

I would add "Without honestly there is no democracy."


Milford Haven