Paul Sartori Hospice at Home has announced that it has recently been awarded a grant from the South Hook LNG Community Fund of just under £5,000.

The grant, administered by Pembrokeshire Association of Voluntary Services (PAVS), is helping the charity to widen its support and education around caring for end-of-life patients with dementia.

One of the aims of the project will be to increase its training provision and to make it available for other local health care professionals to access.

The aim is to improve the knowledge and awareness of dementia, focusing on the importance of good care and maintaining the patient’s wellbeing and independence.

This aspect is being developed by Amanda Jones, a registered nurse and the dementia representative, and Angela Duckworth, clinical educator from Paul Sartori.

The project will also develop the support by purchasing a range of new smaller items of equipment to help end-of-life patients with dementia with their daily living in Pembrokeshire.

Furthermore new 'dementia-friendly' signage will be produced for the charity’s head office at Winch Lane, Haverfordwest to assist those accessing services in the building.

“This is an exciting opportunity for Paul Sartori. We will be liaising with other organisations who support people with dementia locally and other health care professionals. This project will have long term benefits for patients with dementia and enable us to improve access to our head office; improve access to equipment and improve the knowledge around dementia locally”, said Angela, adding “We are very grateful to the South Hook LNG Community Fund team for supporting this project.”

“Both wellbeing and education are key areas of support through our Community Fund,” commented Mariam Dalziel of South Hook LNG. “We are proud to be supporting Paul Sartori in the delivery of a project that will assist both those living with dementia, as well as the people providing invaluable care across our county.”

For further information on the dementia training, contact Angela Duckworth on 01437 763223, or email