The Dairy Youngstock and Autumn Fatstock Show returned to Whitland Mart in September, but with dairy classes only.

Restrictions due to the pandemic curtailed the event from fully returning but there was excellent support for the classes that did run.

For the Holsteins, both in showman and calf classes, this event is an eliminator to the All Breeds, All Britain Calf Show held in Peterborough mid-October.

President for the day was auctioneer Huw Evans and the event was held at the site by kind permission of JJ Morris.

The competitions were judged by Brian Miller of the Moorshard Holstein and Sedgemoor Brown Swiss herds.

Commentator was Elwyn Thomas, the ring steward, Owain Harris, and the committee chairman, Ricky Jones

Thanks were expressed to JJ Morris and the mart staff for their help and to the sponsors, to the show secretary, Sian Williams, and the committee members setting up the show and cleaning up afterward.


Showmanship classes, sponsored by NMR

Holstein Novice: Ioan Jones; 2, Gwenllian Jones.

Holstein Juniors: Celyn Wilson; 2, Harri Jones.

All Breeds junior class: Celyn Wilson; 2, Ioan Jones.

AODB novices: Morgan Davies; 2, Sophie Carpenter.

AODB junior: Annabel Tomlinson; 2, Awen Evans.

Intermediate AODB: Enfys Wheeler; 2, Hanna Evans.

Senior Holstein handlers: Nia Thomas; 2, Evie Tomlinson.

Senior AODB: Elan Thomas; 2, Millie Tomlinson.

Holstein Mature: Ifan Wilson; 2, Frances Evans.

Showman Championships

Holstein: Nia Thomas; reserve, Ifan Wilson; honorary mention, Frances Evans

British Friesian: Anwen Evans; reserve, Morgan Davies

Jersey: Hanna Evans; reserve, Millie Tomlinson

Ayrshire: Enfys Wheeler

Brown Swiss: Elan Thomas

Interbreed Showman Champion: Hanna Evans, Jersey; reserve, Nia Thomas, Holstein; honourable mention, Enfys Wheeler, Ayrshire.

The championship and reserve award winners were presented with body warmers donated by Tallis Amos Group.

Calf classes, sponsored by ProStock Vets and Mole Valley Feed Solutions

Calves aged between 1/4/21 and 31/5/21: Frances Evans and Arwyn Wilson (Lorford Chief Divine); 2, Larchwood Holsteins (Larchwood Crushtime Ebony).

AODB calves born on or after 1/3/21: James Evans, Jersey (Mydrim Victorious Tara) Medi Wheeler, Ayrshire (Beca Hector Snowy).

Holstein calves born between 1/2/21 and 31/3/21: AH Wilson and Son (Tregibby Alongside Nugget); 2, Iwan Morgan (Erie Sidekick Farrah).

Holsteins born between 1/12/20 and 31/1/2: AH Wilson and Sons (Tregibby Sidekick Erle); 2, Larchwood Holsteins (Larchwood Crushabull Patsy).

Any other dairy breed (AODB) calves born between 1/12/20 and 28/2/21: Ricky and Emma Jones, Brown Swiss (Bliss Rampage Chelsey); 2, Enfys Wheeler, Ayrshire (Beca Hawaiian Waiola).

Holstein calves born between 1/10/20 and 30/11/20: AH Wilson and Sons (Tregibby Doorman Mona); 2, Larchwood Holsteins (Larchwood Kingpin Inka).

AODB calves born between 1/9/20 and 30/11/20: James Evans, Jersey (Mydrim Coltons Loveable Tara); 2, Alun Rees, Dairy Shorthorn (Crugside Prince Duchess).

Calves born between 1/8/20 and 30/9/20: Churchvale Holsteins (Drointon Grayridge Royal Promis); 2, Nev Roberts (Duais Sidekick Licorice).

AODB calves born between 1/5/20 and 31/8/20: AH Wilson and Son, Jersey (Tregibby Casino Dream Girl); 2, James Evans (Mydrim Tequilas Ceres).

Holstein calf born between 1/6/20 and 31/7/20: Nev Roberts, (Dulais Sidekick Ashlyn); 2, AH Wilson and Son (Tregibby Lexus Kitty).

Holstein calf born between 1/4/20 and 31/5/ 20: Larchwood Holsteins (Larchwood Denver Patsy).

AODB calf born between 1/1/20 and 30/4/20 Nicel Jersey (Felin Aimless Lady).

Red and White Holstein calf born between 1/11/20 and 31/5/ 21: Kevin and Sian Rickard (Cadog Shield Afligem Red); 2, Carys Angharard Davies (Cowindale Awesome Liqueur Red).

Red and White Holstein calf born between 1/4/20 and 31/10/20: Ricky and Emma Jones (Panda Unstopabell Red); 2, Larchwood Holsteins (Larchwood Rock-it Red).

Breed championships

Ayrshire: Enfys Wheeler (Beca HawaiiWaiola)

British Friesian: Alun Rees (Crugside Jingle Pencnwc)

Brown Swiss: Ricky and Emma Jones (Bliss Rampage Chelsey)

Dairy Shorthorn: Alun Rees (Crugside Prince Duchess)

Jersey: James Evans (Mydrim Coltons Loveable); reserve AH Wilson and Son (Tregibby Casino Dream Girl)

Holstein: AH Wilson and Son (Tregibby Alongside Nugget); reserve, Churchvale Holstein (Drointon Grayridge Royal Promis); honorary mention, Iwan Morgan (Erie Sidekick Farrah)

Red and White Holstein: Kevin and Sian Richard (Cadog Shield Afligem); reserve Ricky and Emma Jones (Panda Unstopabell Red).

Interbreed championship: Champion: AH Wilson and Son (Tregibby Alongside Nugget); reserve, Kevin and Sian Rikard (Cadog Shield Aligem Red); honourable mention, Ricky and Emma Jones (Bliss Rampage Chelsey).

The championship and reserve award winners were presented with semen vouchers donated by Cogent.