Campaigners will come together on Parrog beach, Newport, on Saturday to call on the Government to address the "housing crisis".

The speakers at the event, which starts at 1pm, will be Heledd Evans, Cllr. Cris Tomos, Steve Wilson, Mabli Siriol and Cefin Campbell MP.

Hedd Ladd-Lewis, one of the organisers, said: "I decided to organize a rally here in Newport because something needed to be done about the housing problem.

"I was brought up in Newport and the town has changed completely.

"There is a real concern about the future of Welsh as a community language as house prices deprive local people of the right and ability to live in their communities and as more houses are bought as second homes and AirBnBs.

"There is more rent poverty as families have to pay unreasonable rent in the private sector, and which local person can afford to pay £ 400,000 for a terraced house?

"So what will the future of primary school be? We've seen what's happened in Abersoch recently."

She added that the average house in Pembrokeshire is on the market for £227,000, but three-bedroom houses sell for nearly £400,000 in areas such as Newport.

With the average wage in the county at £26,466, she says it is very difficult for local people, especially young people, to buy a house to live locally.

Heledd Evans, from Moylegrove, who has been looking for a home in the area where she grew up, will talk at the rally about her experience of the local housing market.

"With a huge rise in house prices this year, the future of our area's youth and the rest of the Welsh countryside is more uncertain than ever," she said.

"No youth, no future for our rural Welsh communities."

"It is a crisis and it is time for the Government to take urgent action.

"They have a moral duty to ensure that every person has the right to live in their own area. We'll be taking the message to Cardiff in a rally on the 13th of November."