PEMBROKESHIRE county council prefer that the sale of a car park goes to mix use development as fears grow the council will ignore its own planning reports when it comes to redeveloping the old county library site in Haverfordwest.

A 2016 framework planning report commissioned by Pembrokeshire County Council in 2016 recommended that the strategically important Haverfordwest old county library and community learning site with its car parks should be for mixed development and not built for purely one purpose.

The report titled ‘Haverfordwest. A Vision for the future’ said; “The site of the former County library and swimming pool, provides the opportunity for PCC to release a substantial development site in the town centre. Future development should encourage a strengthening of the town's economy through its usage.

"It is anticipated that the development would comprise a mix of uses, including an element of residential.”

An unofficial survey of vehicle use and movements recently done by the Facebook group 'Dew Street Campaign', showed there could be as many as 100 vehicles on the site in any day over a seven day period.

Opposition to the sale and the right to deny local residents and visitors of Haverfordwest use of the car park came from among others local businessman Cllr Edward Perkins who said if residents lose the use of the car park, the town could become a 'two-tier society' with development heavily focused on the Riverside, ignoring the High Street.

Cllr Perkins said: "I’m concerned that the sale of this land and closure of the car park will create a two-tier town centre as the council focus their resources on the Riverside area, leaving the Market Street, Dew Street, Barn Street etc. to degrade."

Other opposition was voiced by the town council and county councillor for the ward the car park is situated, Tom Tudor.

Pembrokeshire County Council have responded to fears about the site, saying they en courage mix use being incorporated.

A spokesperson said: "The preferred scheme is for a mixed use with an element of residential."

A meeting with county councillors on the sale is set for, Thursday, October 28, 5pm at HaverHub.