‘IT could be so much more,’ a young resident speaking at a recent meeting over the closure of a car parking site in Haverfordwest has stressed.

Senior Pembrokeshire county councillors Paul Miller, Phil Baker and Guy Woodham faced questions from local residents concerned with the proposed closure of Dew Street car park at the old county library complex

The meeting stood out for 25-year-old Lucie O’Neill’s heartfelt plea to improve the top end of town where the swimming pool and library complex used to be.

Lucie, who lives on Haverfordwest's Market Street, said: “What is there for us at the top end of town? There could be so much done to get young people to come in.

“I have watched the town dissolve. It used to be so amazing. Driving past the building now and seeing how it is, the top of the town is becoming nothing. It could be more, so much more.”

Christine Evans-Thomas, who runs Adam’s Bucket Full of Hope, said the charity would be badly affected, while Lindsey, a resident of Mariners Square for 30 years, wanted more transparency, saying she left the meeting more anxious than when she came.

“People want to come into Haverfordwest, to the hotels and businesses, but they are saying where am I going to get my bus to? Where am I going to park my car? We have no idea of the timings (for closure)? It comes down to transparency.”

Western Telegraph: Dew Street car park at the old county library complexDew Street car park at the old county library complex

Business owner Gareth Roberts was not only worried about his livelihood but about the environment as well.

“I cannot run a business and afford to park my car. I am going to have to drive round and round the town to find on-street parking. It will increase air pollution.”

Cllr Miller assured residents there will be a view to mix development but there was no clear vision on what the car parking provision would actually be.

“It is always about the overall package for the community we serve. It is not a case of stack as many houses on it and flog it to the highest bidder. This is not an entirely housing development.”