THOSE who have sought quotations from fuel companies will know that in most instances the cost has doubled.

Where previously the bill was £900 per anum, now the quote is £1,900.

For many the winter will be bleak.

Partly it is due to world prices, but equally it is because our Government closed down storage depots where gas was usually stored during the low cost summer months.

In the days of nationalisation this would not have caused a problem with the Government able to absorb the extra cost. But in these free enterprise times we are at the mercy of private companies and their investors.

Covid has put people under pressure for almost two years. Add to this the fuel crisis when we could see unrest in our streets.

Clearly the Government has to resolve the problem before it is too late.

We can't all move to the West Indies and join Mr Cox in the sun.

JOHN COLE, Milford Haven