A FINAL report from a working group focusing on what happened with the council’s sale of a farm near Solva includes recommendations for future community asset transfers (CATs).

Members of the services overview and scrutiny committee received a report on the group’s work since it was set up in March 2020, following concerns raised about how the sale of Trecadwgan Farm proceeded, with a final meeting held in April 2021.

Key recommendations for future transactions include ensuring that relevant Local Government Act policies and obligations are explained to interested parties involved in CAT sales, greater scrutiny of all business plans from interested parties is needed from commencement to ensure viability and cabinet members must be cautious in being involved with any group dealing with the council to ensure there is no conflict of interest, in line with existing code of conduct rules.

Chairman of the working group Cllr Jamie Adams highlighted a “perception” of cabinet member involvement with interested parties needed to be considered, with reference to Cllr Cris Tomos’ work with Planed; which was within code of conduct and procedural rules, Cllr Bob Kilmister said.

The council’s new CAT policy is likely to “provide clarity on the process to ensure this situation is never repeated,” the report adds.

There was acknowledgement that the sale of the farm had not been managed as well as it could have been and lessons had been learnt, the committee heard.