COMEDY is a funny thing, that is probably one of the most poignant messages to come from the Western Telegraph’s interview with founding band member of Goldie Looking Chain Rhys, aka Dwain Xain Zedong.

The GLC is in the county in December performing as part of a 20th anniversary tour.

Rhys said twenty years sounded about right with the GLC having released over twenty albums and played across the world.

“Something like that,” said Rhys as we spoke over Zoom. “I was making beats and wanted to start a band but could not find anyone who played any instruments or had any talent then all of a sudden Eggsy started rapping over this beat and I was like go on then and we recorded it and then we recorded another and another and people just started to lay down stuff – we were not even writing anything, we would just say it and then before we knew it we had ten tracks.”

Even thought the GLC have been hugely successful it does not seem to have gone to anyone’s head, with Rhys approachable and polite during the interview as he explained what it is the GLC do.

“We spend minutes making some of the songs. It’s “really difficult” when you have a group of friends and you’re just enjoying yourself.”

On his association with Pembrokeshire, in his own way Rhys said it’s a county he remembers fondly from holidays as a kid.

“If anyone is digging in the sand and finds a toy car, it’s mine… We used to go to Newport on holiday when I was a little kid and I had my favourite toy which I buried in the sand and I never found it again.”

Rhys also says Welsh rarebit and cawl is brilliant, and St Davids has a lot of steps (fair point).

The GLC are very much alive and kicking with plans for new material if Rhys can ‘work out what’s funny’ after a societal shifting two years. But despite all the changes during the pandemic one thing remains, the GLC just want to bring people the love and fun.

Check the GLC out at Narberth’s Queens Hall on December 18.

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