Pembrokeshire politicians Samuel Kurtz MS and Stephen Crabb MP have both welcomed the "biggest investment in a generation" into tidal power in Wales.

The UK Government will invest £20 million per year across the UK in Tidal Stream electricity as part of its flagship renewable energy auction scheme.

Mr Kurtz, MS for Carmarthen West and South Pembrokeshire, says it will "kick-start a brand-new chapter" for Wales’ tidal industry and create jobs across Welsh coastal regions.

He said Wales is well positioned "to play a global leading role in marine energy", noting that the £60 million Pembroke Dock Marine programme has major potential to put Pembrokeshire at the heart of the United Kingdom’s energy security.

“Not only is this fantastic news for Wales, but it’s brilliant news for places like Pembrokeshire and Carmarthenshire," he commented.

“The announcement is an important step forward in our attempts to meet our ambitious net-zero target and once again, it underlines the UK Government’s commitment to creating secure, long-lasting green jobs for our communities in West Wales.

“We’ve already got some fantastic energy projects operating in the Celtic Sea, such as Blue Gem energy or the ground-breaking £60 million Pembroke Dock Marine plan.

"These new technologies will help support highly skilled and well-paid jobs in our counties and should be warmly welcomed by all.”

Meanwhile Preseli MP Stephen Crabb has been a long-term supporter of renewable energy projects, and he believes that Wales has the opportunity to be a centre for this emerging technology. 

In Parliament Mr Crabb has called for tidal stream to receive the same levels of revenue support that were given to the solar and wind sectors to unlock private investment and reduce costs over time.

In its recent report on renewable energy, the Welsh Affairs Committee, which Mr Crabb chairs, called for greater funding for the tidal and marine energy sectors. 

“The UK is already the home of world leading green energy production such as off-shore wind," he said.

"This announcement on tidal stream power presents a huge opportunity for Britain’s coastal communities, allowing us to play a significant part in delivering the UK’s green industrial revolution.

"We have an unparalleled resource with 50% of Europe’s tidal energy and 35% of its wave energy.

"I am very pleased that the Government has listened to the recommendations made by the Welsh Affairs Committee and increased support for the tidal sector, which could benefit our local area enormously.

"Pembrokeshire has a vitally important role to play in this sector.

"It is time to grasp the opportunity for us to become a centre for green renewable technologies, and I will continue to campaign to ensure that Pembrokeshire is at the heart of this.”