A 93-year-old Pembrokeshire woman died in hospital following a fall at home, an inquest heard on Thursday, November 25.

Ms Vera Edwards was born in Walton east and, after working away from the county, returned to live in Milford Haven where she helped run Redstock Guest House until she retired at 70.

In her later years Ms Edwards lived alone in a bungalow. She was able to look after herself and was not prone to falling, acting coroner’s officer, Maggie Julien told the hearing.

However, ten days before she died she fell over in her spare bedroom; she fractured her hip and had to undergo surgery at Withybush hospital.

Following surgery, she appeared to improve. Her family visited as often as they could under Covid restrictions.

On one occasion she appeared to be very unwell and hospital staff said, although they had tried everything they could, her blood pressure was very low.

On Saturday, July 3, Ms Edwards was moved into the ICU to enable more effective treatment for her blood pressure.

The next day she was visited by her niece, who reported that she appeared to be slightly better.

However, on the morning of Monday, July 5, Ms Edwards’ condition deteriorated. A family member stayed with her until she fell asleep and she was described as being comfortable. However, she died later that day.

A report from the hospital said that Ms Edwards had died from sepsis and renal failure, femur fracture and a fall; giving hypotension and frailty of old age as secondary causes.

“This is sadly a case of lady who led an active life until she began to suffer from falls,” said Pembrokeshire Coroner Paul Bennett.

“On the last occasion that she fell events took a significant turn, after hospitalisation her general medical condition began to deteriorate. The fall precipitated her deterioration.”

Mr Bennett recorded a conclusion of accidental death.

“I extend my sympathy to the family at the loss of such an active individual,” he said. “I’m sure she is very sorely missed by her family.”