Senedd Conservatives are urging the Welsh Government to stop multinationals from outside the country using the Glastir Woodland Creation scheme to “greenwash” their emissions through farmland purchases in Wales.

Welsh Conservative shadow rural affairs minister Samuel Kurtz MS has called on the Labour Government to ensure that funding for tree-planting in Wales does not go to businesses outside the country.

The news comes after reports of farmland in Wales being brought by multinational companies in order to offset their carbon emissions and extol their “green” credentials.

Glastir is the Welsh Government's sustainable land management scheme, which offers financial support to farmers and landowners.

The call follows months of industry concerns that traditional Welsh farmland is being bought by foreign companies to off-set their own carbon emissions.

MrKurtz, Senedd Member for Carmarthen West and South Pembrokeshire, said: “As the son of a farmer, the last thing I want to see are family-run farms being sold-off to foreign multinational companies to improve their own public-image, whilst they continue to produce an enormous carbon footprint completely guilt-free.

“At the end of the day, the Welsh Government should not be handing out hardworking tax-payers money to those not active in our society and economy wanting to off-set their environmental conscience, as much as their own carbon-footprint.

“By stopping Glastir payments to foreign companies, we’d ensure that money reaches the hands of the farmers and land managers here. That way, we can encourage them to use their own land to help tackle climate change.”