A WOMAN has described how she felt fear she had never felt before after her property was damaged.

The case concerned Rhian Morris, of Park Avenue, Puncheston, who was in Haverfordwest Magistrates Court on December 1 facing three charges of causing damage to property.

The court heard that on August 8, Morris, aged 26, got into a dispute with another woman, sent threatening messages and went round to her house where she banged on the front door pane until it smashed and threw a rock through a window. When asked by police why she did this, Morris replied: "I do not know. I was impulsive. I was not thinking straight".

Morris also damaged the rear window of the woman's car.

She pleaded guilty to all three charges but was shocked to find the woman had asked for a restraining order to be placed on her.

When prosecuting solicitor Dennis Davies stood to say a restraining order had been asked for, in disbelief from the dock, Morris explained she had been in contact with the woman earlier on replying to questions asking how things were going in court.

Mr Davies continued to read out a victim statement from Morris’ victim, written 14 weeks before the court case.

The woman wrote: “The incident has completely floored me. I am shocked and traumatised. I am shocked Rhian could do this to me. She has caused trouble for the family and I would like a restraining order put in place.”

On her car being damaged, the victim said it was an attack on her freedom.

The victim went on to say the event had terrified her.

“I felt fear I never felt before. My house had been attacked and my children were all there. I never felt what I felt. As far as I am concerned my relationship with Rhian is over.”

In mitigation defence solicitor Peter Tarr said a restraining order was not necessary in the circumstances as a lot of time (14 weeks) had passed since the statement was written.

Magistrates declined to place Morris under a restraining order, however she was ordered to complete 250 hours community service and made to pay £378 compensation for damage to the property, and £75 for the car.

Morris will pay £180 in costs and surcharges.