I was incensed by the publication of the letter entitled ‘Getting a tighter control of borders’ by John Cole in WT on 24/11.

The idea that Farage and UKIP would ‘protect our nation and future generations’ is laughable.

Farage and Johnson have been instrumental in the chaos caused by Brexit and Johnson and his cronies have failed to deal with the plight of people trying to seek asylum in Britain.

The majority of those trying to cross the Channel are not ‘illegal immigrants’ but genuine asylum seekers fleeing the horrors of their own countries.

‘Ceasing to negotiate with the French’ is stupid. People are tragically dying trying to cross the Channel because they cannot claim asylum until they get to the UK.

They need to be assessed in France at British embassies and if the claims are justified allowed a safe and dignified crossing to the UK.

This will eliminate illegal smuggling gangs.

This is down to the incompetence of the Conservative Government in Westminster who apparently Mr Cole supports. Surely the WT is above giving a voice to people who misrepresent the thoughts of decent Pembrokeshire people at a time when the dangers of crossing the Channel are so prominent in our minds.

Dr Alan Seago,

Broad Haven