It is sad and regrettable the COP26 Conference in Glasgow turned out to be another flop, when possibly so much could have been achieved. If only countries such as India and China would agree to convert their dirty coal-fired power stations to natural gas there could be a substantial saving in Global CO2 emissions.

Modern gas-fired power stations of the CCGT variety are relatively cheap, quick to build, and efficient offering a 60 per cent saving in CO2 emissions compared to their coal cousins. Until feasible environmentally friendly means for the generation of large amounts of electricity are developed, then controlled and safe Fracking should be implemented.

This will not only make the UK independent on energy, but greatly enhance the economy such that money can be forthcoming for the development of Nuclear Fusion - the Holy Grail of power generation.

We are where we are, and Government strategy in the meanwhile should be based predominantly on CCGT power stations, ably supported by tidal and hydro, instead of wasting billions on large scale wind and solar, which by their very nature, are unpredictable and limited sources of power.

Dave Haskell, Brithdir