Retrospective planning for a retaining wall at a development next to Stepaside School has been granted despite concerns raised by neighbours.

Kilgetty/Begelly Community Council also raised its objections to the overall development at the site, however, focus of the planning committee had to be on the application itself and not wider issues.

Pembrokeshire county councillors had already visited the site with Cllr Brian Hall saying he saw a concerning amount of water, questioning the suitability of drainage mitigation put in place, but this was refuted by other members.

There were also conflicting reports from structural engineers about the safety of the wall, and residents in neighbouring Shillingford Park have raised issue with a loss of privacy, impact on amenity and the proximity of the houses to the boundary.

Local member Cllr David Pugh said: “This whole planning application has been a disaster from start to finish,” adding he agreed with Cllr Stephen Joseph’s call for its handling to be investigated.

Delegated power to allow the head of planning to conditionally approve, subject to evidence that surface water was being drained to an attenuation tank, was granted.