I read with interest about Pembrokeshire County Council urging residents to participate in the budget consultation for 2022-23.

I wonder if this will be just another box ticking exercise, as indeed the consultation on second home premiums surely was, where reducing the premium to 25% was supported by 638 respondents and increasing to 100% by 275 respondents.

Subsequently they decided that increasing to 100% was the way to go! Indeed as second home owners, which incidentally we occupy around 40% of our time, all seasons and not situated in a coastal location that becomes “dead” in winter, we find this blatant fund raising exercise a very bitter pill to swallow indeed.

The high price of homes suitable for first time buyers is not confined to Pembrokeshire or Wales but is UK wide. Wouldn’t compelling the big developers via planning permissions to include a percentage of their homes as starter homes be an obvious way to go?

Michael and Hilary Graham, Stratford.