As a regular walker in Withybush Woods, I am rather confused as to why firstly the woods were ever closed at all and secondly Pembrokeshire County Council saying they are not, just the car park.

The woods are mainly frequented by the elderly who are naturally very concerned about this dreadful virus. Yes, we do stop and chat to those we frequently meet, but in the main adhere to social distancing and we are in the open air.

Police advice may have been erroneously given by observing a full car park but frequently the vehicles there are left by those visiting the adjacent business premises; I say this as several times the car park has been full but very few people actually in the woods.

With regards to the PCC’s assertion that it is only the car park that is closed, the notice quite plainly states ‘Footpaths Close’. If this trend continues, are we to see Bridge Street, Quay Street and the High street closed for the same reason?

Alex Chalmers, Haverfordwest.