An unusual duo of seaside visitors has been turning heads and raising smiles in Saundersfoot.

A pair of alpacas got their first-ever sea water experience in the waves off the village beach yesterday afternoon, Tuesday December 28.

The cute creatures made the trip from their home at Llwyngwyddel Farm, Lampeter Velfrey with owners Emma and James Lloyd.

Named Severide and Mouch after characters from US drama series Chicago Fire, the alpacas were a happy sight as they trotted on the sand and pulled on their harnesses to make their way to the sea.

“Alpacas love water, so they were super excited when they saw the sea,” said Emma, 47. “All they wanted to do was jump over the waves and splash about, so we ended up getting rather wet as well...

“People were just amazed at the sight of alpacas on a beach and everybody wanted to make friends with them. It was lovely to see the smiles on everyone’s faces.”

The couple, with Emma’s son Ioan, 19, relocated to Pembrokeshire from Caerphilly two years ago, originally planning just to provide self-catering accommodation at the farm.

Six donkeys, four alpacas, 22 chickens, a quartet of pigs, 11 sheep and a pair of Shetland ponies later, they now offer farm and animal experiences for visitors, as well as taking in rescues.

“We were just doing normal office jobs before, so it’s been a complete change of lifestyle for us, and we’re absolutely loving it,” said Emma. “If someone had said to me a few years back that we’d be walking alpacas on Saundersfoot beach at Christmas, we would never have believed them!”