A man from Pembrokeshire is cycling the circumference of Wales throughout 2022 in order to raise funds for a charity which provides support for children with brain tumours across both England and Wales.

Throughout the calendar year, Lyndon Roberts from Broad Haven is cycling 1,050 miles, in the hope of raising money for Larsen’s Pride, which supports children who have been diagnosed with brain tumours.

Brain tumours are currently the biggest cancer killer for children and adults aged under 40, with 88 per cent of people diagnosed with a brain tumour dying within five years.

However, despite this fact, only two per cent of funding in the fight against cancer goes towards researching brain tumours.

Lyndon said: “Larsen was my superhero and he suffered from this indiscriminate disease. He was unrecognisable when he died, compared to the beautiful boy we knew, loved and remember.

“Larsen won’t be forgotten or become a statistic. His experience will mean that we do everything we can to make sure children don’t have to go through the same thing and have a better chance of effective treatment.”

To read more about Lyndon’s story or to donate, visit https://www.justgiving.com/crowdfunding/lyndon-roberts-1