A YOUNG man’s fall into association with the wrong crowd led to him going on a vandalism spree facilitated by drugs, a court heard.

On August 20, 18-year-old Stephen Power, of Mount Estate Milford Haven, went on a spree of vandalism which included causing damage to a shop window and four car wing mirrors.

At the time of the offence Power was 17.

On the day in question Power was out drinking with what was described in court as a ‘bad crowd’.

Defence lawyer Peter Tarr informed the court Power had now left that crowd.

Mr Tarr said: “Whilst in the crowd his so-called 'friends' offered him valium and he took it.

“This was the first time he had taken drugs. He had been offered pills before but always declined them.

“On this occasion, out of character, he accepted and consumed the pills and then he had no memory from that point on.”

In the period after taking the valium, Power proceeded to cause £1,195 of damage to a shop window and damage to four car wing mirrors.

When police picked Power up he was sent to hospital with concern over how much drugs he had consumed. He remained in hospital overnight.

Appearing at Haverfordwest Magistrates’ Court on January 4, Power pleaded guilty to all five charges.

Power was made subject to a community order with 50 hours unpaid work. He will also pay compensation for the damage caused. Power is expected to pay £500 towards the damage to the shop window and over £700 for damage to the four wing mirrors.