A call for a roadmap out of Covid restrictions is being made by the Welsh Conservatives.

Urging a plan that will spell out 'hope' to businesses and famililes, party leader Andrew Davies said:

“Restrictions were imposed in Wales on the basis of modelling, and therefore should be the basis for their removal.

A similar plea has also been issued by the Federation of Small Businesses in Wales following a 'devastating' month for the hospitality sector and its supply chain.

Mr Davies added: “Thankfully, evidence shows the risk of hospitalisation is lower with the Omicron variant than with Delta, and due to the brilliant booster campaign, Labour ministers are in a position to provide families and businesses with hope and a roadmap out of restrictions.

“Businesses are feeling the pain with limits on hospitality and mental health is taking a kicking with sports being scaled back, all the while public services are under pressure – not because of mass hospitalisations and deaths, but – because of isolation rules.

“While some aspects of the Government’s approach might be understandable, there are some staggering anomalies: the rule-of-six in pubs, restaurants, and entertainment venues in addition to threats to Wales hosting Six Nations matches provoke more negative consequences than benefits.

“The First Minister was right when he said restrictions should not remain in place a second longer than necessary.

As such, a roadmap forward from the Labour Government is vital as we learn to live with the virus and provide families and businesses with a plan and much-needed clarity.”