It was smiles galore at the latest meeting of the full council of Milford Haven Town Council as the precept was discussed for the tax year of 2022-23, with taxpayers paying less than last year.

While debating the budget for the tax year of 2022-23, it was decided that Band D households in Milford Haven are to see their ‘precept’ town council tax drop by more than £4.

For the tax year of 2021-22, the tax for the average Band D properties within Milford Haven stands at £35.96.

However, the following tax year of 2022-23 will see the tax fall to £31.92; a drop of 11.24 per cent.

Also in the meeting, funding was decided for the same period for organisations within Milford Haven, including The Torch Theatre, Milford Haven Town Band and Milford Haven Round Table.

Funds were also decided for celebration to occur in the town later in the year, in order to celebrate the platinum jubilee of HM Queen Elizabeth II.

Councillors were joyous throughout the meeting, with funds in the town council’s reserves looking incredibly healthy, allowing for the organisations to receive their funding, a jubilee celebration to occur and for the people of the town to enjoy a tax drop for the coming year.