BLOOD and burgers do not go together, especially when it's not your own blood...

A customer of the recently opened KFC at Pembroke Dock says she found flecks of blood in her chicken zinger.

Western Telegraph: A photo posted on Facebook shows blood in a burger from KFC Pembroke DockA photo posted on Facebook shows blood in a burger from KFC Pembroke Dock

Twenty-three-year-old Laura John, a resident of Pembroke Dock, posted on Facebook: "Ordered a KFC through the Uber Eats app for it to be delivered with human blood on the burger and packaging."

When the Western Telegraph spoke to Laura she said she is never going back.

"I don’t think anyone would go back where they have had blood on the food," Laura said.

"When I went down there I showed him [the manager] the burger and he went behind and asked if the person making the burgers cut themselves."

Laura says KFC has informed her it is investigating the incident and will respond within five days.

"There was lots of blood on there," continued Laura. "I saw the blood before I opened the packet. I opened the packet and it was just there.

"How they did not see it without realising? There was a lot there. It was all over the seeds and the bun.

"I understand things like this happen in the kitchen but put a glove on."

-KFC Pembroke Dock will not tolerate abuse of staff

“We’re really sorry this wasn’t caught in the kitchen," said a KFC representative. 

"It’s completely understandable that Laura was put off her meal.

"We've got strict hygiene and quality processes in all our restaurants to prevent this from happening and whilst this was an isolated incident, the Pembroke Dock team are working hard to make sure it doesn’t happen again. 

"We’re in touch with Laura and hope that we can make things right.”