A Welsh learner from Wolfscastle is inspiring others to get to grips with the language this year.

Mum of three Liz Backen. Moved to Pembrokeshire in 2016 The following year she joined Cymraeg i’r Teulu a Welsh course tailor made for parents.

‘‘I wanted to learn to speak Welsh to help my children initially,” said Liz. “I knew that moving to Wales would mean that the children would be taught the language in school and I wanted to be able to support them as much as possible.”

Liz soon started to speak Welsh with her children every day and found it particularly useful during the lockdown period when the children were being home schooled.

During the lockdown period Liz also took advantage of the Pembrokeshire countryside and enjoyed walking with her children and found it a great way to learn new words: “While we were walking, I’d often get asked what where the names of different plants and trees in Welsh so I decided to set up an Instagram account Dysgu Cymraeg Wrth Gerdded (Learn Welsh while walking) to document what we had seen and learnt and share them with other learners.”

As well as embracing the language, Welsh culture has become a big part of Liz’s life. Liz enjoyed presenting the Welsh language music show Gwlad y Gân on Pure West Radio and shared some of her favourite Welsh language songs, including Adre by her favourite singer Gwyneth Glyn.

In October 2021 Liz won a quiz for Welsh learners on BBC Radio Cymru. Currently Liz is following an advanced level course for experienced learners with Learn Welsh Pembrokeshire, run by Pembrokeshire County Council on behalf of the National Centre for Learning Welsh.

Liz is looking forward to continuing her learning journey:

‘‘I am no longer learning Welsh just for my children - it has become my passion and such a huge part of my life. It’s opened so many fun and exciting opportunities. I would like to say ‘Diolch yn fawr’ to my tutors for their continued support.

“To anyone considering learning Welsh don’t think about it, just do it! You won’t regret it!”

Cllr Cris Tomos, cabinet member for environment, public protection and Welsh language, said: "Well done to Liz for her excellent efforts in learning.

To find out more about Welsh learning opportunities, visit Learn Welsh Cymru.