A relationship between a 18-year-old shop worker and her 38-year-old boss, and former partner, became toxic when he entered a relationship with another colleague, a court heard.

On January 26, district judge Mr Christopher James sat at Haverfordwest Magistrates Court where he heard a serious of events which would lead to Cerys McBride, now 23, being given a suspended custodial sentence.

Judge James heard how McBride, of Observatory Avenue, Milford Haven, became jealous of her ex-partner and his new girlfriend, all three of who worked in the same store in town.

After the relationship ended, McBride went on to subject a store worker to abuse which included chasing her out the shop and running up to her, grabbing her by the hair and dragging her to the ground.

McBride also subjected police officers to violent abuse. While in custody at Haverfordwest Police Station, two officers attempted to put a suicide suit on her. McBride resisted the attempts, kicking the officers and dragging them to the ground.

McBride was also charged with threatening behaviour and sending threatening messages, including making threats to kill her ex.

In mitigation, defence solicitor Tom Lloyd emphasised the serious nature of the offences before the court.

Mr Lloyd said: “There is no excuse for how my client behaved; however there is a root cause there. This was a relationship she had with a gentleman she worked for. My client was 18 working in the shop, the shop owner was 38."

Describing her as “a young lady with particular vulnerabilities," he added:

“This is a lady who has been involved in a relationship with an older man which has turned toxic.”

In sentencing, Judge James said some of the behaviour demonstrated was appalling.

“As far as these offences are concerned they display a troubling pattern. They commenced in July last year whereby you assaulted a store worker in a way that was wholly unprovoked.

“You ran into the store, grabbed her by the hair and dragged her to the floor. She had done nothing wrong. She was someone who was involved with your ex-partner. You took out your frustration on an innocent victim.

“Following on from that you returned to the store whereby you were involved in using threatening words and behaviour to her and your ex. It is clear on that occasion your threats escalated and were thoroughly abusive and unpleasant.

“You were detained by police. While in custody you subjected two emergency workers who were expressing concern for your wellbeing to appalling violence kicking them and grabbing their hair.

“Following on there were messages sent containing appalling threats by you. What you said in those messages was thoroughly unpleasant.”

In total McBride was sentenced to five charges, including two counts of assault on emergency workers, one charge of sending malicious communications and one charge of threatening behaviour, all of which took place on August 23.

She was also charged with assault on July 25.

McBride pleaded guilty to all charges for which Judge James commended her.

“I will take into account a number of factors. Firstly I accept that you have expressed regret and remorse for your actions.

“I accept you do have some underlying issues with alcohol you need to resolve which causes you to behave in a disgraceful manner.

“There are some vulnerabilities and you are only 23 years of age.”

McBride was sentenced to 12 weeks in prison, suspended for two years, and made subject to a 12-week curfew from 8pm to 6am.

She will also pay costs of £85.