Staff at the newly-opened McDonald’s in St Clears are appealing for community support in helping them to combat the problem of litter.

Regular litter picks take place around the restaurant – which opened last Friday, January 28 – but there is also the problem of rubbish being discarded too far away for staff to safely reach.

A post on the  restaurant's Facebook group said: "It’s been a week already since we opened our doors, thank you all for your support and welcome to St Clears.

"We have had some reports of litter in the local community which we are keen to address, we do carry out regular litter picks throughout the day around the vicinity of the restaurant and have a number of bins around the car park.

"Unfortunately there will always be a small number of people who choose to discard their litter away from the restaurant.

"We can’t always get to these areas as they are on the dual carriageway, or too far to allow a member of staff, for health and safety reasons, to walk on a regular basis.

"We are keen to hold regular litter picks in the local community covering a wider area and would welcome any local groups, schools or other organisations who would like to get involved.

"We can start at the restaurant then spread throughout the wider area. We could then meet back at the store for a free coffee and to dispose of any litter that has been picked.

"If anyone is interested in getting involved, please contact the restaurant or pop in and speak to us.

"If there are also any troublesome areas that we can look to expand our daily litter walks then again, please get in touch.

"Let’s work together to keep St Clears litter free.

"Thank you again for your support and warm welcome."