A council tax rise of five per cent – £59.48 on a Band D property – will be put to full council for a final decision next month.

Pembrokeshire County Council’s cabinet agreed a revised draft budget for 2022/23 at its meeting on Monday, February 14 with all members having say in the final vote.

Other council tax increases considered included a three per cent rise of £35.69 a year, or seven per cent, which would equate to £83.28 per year more to those living in Band D properties, although there are many people living in lower and higher rated properties across the county.

Cabinet member for finance Cllr Bob Kilmister asked for support for the middle option adding although it would be great not to have to impose an increase he was “not a magician” and services needed to be maintained.

The Band D council tax for the year would increase from £1,189.69 to £1,249.17.

The funding gap for 2022-23, based on a 9.4 per cent increase in Aggregate External Finance (AEF) to £16.831million, is £12.6million and with the council tax rise there are £7.4million of budget savings required, a report to cabinet sates.

“It’s not going to be easy moving ahead but the five per cent is fair,” said Cllr Phil Baker, adding there was still work to do for budgets to be met.

Cllr Neil Prior added there were large areas of spending required in education, adult and children services as well as environmental services and it is a case of “trying to maintain these standards with less funding".

Significant budget pressures for the coming year include social care demand, ongoing Covid-19 pressures, national pay awards and inflation with reference made to reducing workforce over the medium term financial plan up to 2026.

Full council meets on March 3.