YOU will be aware of the Town Council’s delight at handing over the Picton Centre to PCC.

There is an alternative point of view and I forward to you.

Last night (February 23) I observed the Haverfordwest Town Council meeting and left with an overwhelming feeling of mistrust and disbelief.

It would appear that the mayor and town clerk have been working to give away our town’s community centre.

They are in the process of giving total control of this important public asset to the county council.

It is to PCC’s credit that they will use it as a youth centre so it cannot be faulted in its aim.

The mayor was euphoric about what he has achieved and appears to have lost sight of what he has taken away from the public in general.

Many townspeople will have happy memories of events in the Picton Community Centre and many will have expected the return of use when the constraints of the Covid pandemic have fully receded.

As a former district councillor who fought vigorously to obtain the Picton Centre as a replacement for the one lost to a new road system, I openly deplore the loss of this wonderful facility to everyone but the youth of our town.

For your information I am a past mayor and former sheriff of the town and served over thirty years on the town council chairing all its major committees.


Mr Peter Lewis