The events now taking place in the Ukraine reminds me of the time of the Cold War in Germany in 1956.

I was a young National Serviceman in the Royal Engineers Regiment. Russia was preparing to invade west Germany and had troops and tanks all along the east German border.

My regiment received intensive training in Anti Tank Mine deployment.

NATO ordered these mines to be laid some fives miles on depth in order to deter any Russian advance. NATO was ready.

My regiment did what was required under extreme conditions. The mine laying was done at night over four nights in freezing conditions, minus 16 degrees. But we got the job done.

We were all so young at the time but had received the very best of training. We had a job to do and we did it.

Russian then knew that they could not win the Cold War against NATO and peace prevailed. Russia only understood strength.

I believe that National Service should be brought back now. It would give the young men a sense of discipline, pride and self reliance. These things are still with me today.

Dennis Taylor Pembroke Dock