THE National Park Authority has urged landowners and graziers to contact them before conducting controlled mountain burns.

The advice comes after a large gorse fire extended over a large area of the Preseli hills last week, and resulted in calls to the Mid and West Wales Fire Service.

The National Park Authority staff worked with the Mid and West Fire and Rescue Service to help them navigate the area affected by a large fire on the Preseli hills.

“The cause of the fire is as yet unknown, but the National Park Authority was not informed of any controlled burn in this area," said a spokesperson.

“We encourage landowners and graziers to contact us if they intend to conduct controlled burns, so that we can help landowners prepare accordingly, and put them in contact with the relevant groups and organisations.

“Anyone wishing to conduct controlled burns in this area should be aware of the relevant Natural Resources Wales guidelines, including the agreed burning plan for the Preseli Hills Special Area of Conservation.

“It is also essential that Mid and West Wales Fire and Rescue Service’s Fire Control is informed on 01268 909404 at least 10 minutes before the controlled burn is started."

Controlled burns have been carried out recently in another area without any issues, with the Park Authority and Pembrokeshire Wildfire Group having been involved in cutting fire breaks to ensure the burn was managed safely.

Signage will also be erected on the open access land on the Preseli hills to remind members of the public that no barbecues should be lit due to the high fire risk.