Threats of violence and abuse have been directed at Welsh reality star Dr Alex George, after he revealed he has bought four holiday properties in Pembrokeshire.

Carmarthen native Dr Alex – who shot to fame on Love Island and has established himself as a huge social media personality – has bought the quartet of homes in a location he has subsequently disclosed on his You Tube channel as ‘the outskirts of Tenby’ and ‘five minutes’ walk to the water’.

He wants to make one of the cottages available for an Ukrainian refugee family – a gesture which has earned him praise from his followers.

But others concerned at the second homes crisis, which currently sees half the properties sold in Pembrokeshire in 2021 becoming homliday homes.

Said one, jordanasloanes:

“Housing and holiday homes are a massive issue all over Wales.

“Welsh people cannot buy homes because of this and communities are being destroyed.

“It is disgusting and I cannot support this man for adding to the problem.”

Western Telegraph:

Dr Alex, 31, took to the stories of his latest Instagram account @dralexrenovates, which has 92,000 followers, to respond to the reaction to the news he has bought the four properties, one of which has a sitting tenant.

He commented: “For clarification because it seems to have caused quite a lot of confusion.

“These ‘cottages’ are a singular converted farm out-house these are on the land/property of another residential house.

“I am not going to disclose all the details of this because of the obvious (it’s social media).

“There is good reason why we have opted for most to be for holiday stays in one of which can be for a refugee family and yes, afterwards a local if the family decides to leave.

“I appreciate those who have tried to respectfully share concerns about housing in the area.

“Sadly I have received a number of threats of violence which is never acceptable. Let alone abuse.

“You can take my word for it or not, these cottages would not be possible for residential purchase.

“If (I will not be pushing anyone out) and when the refugees wanted to leave, I will invite a local to rent the suitable flat.

“I would happily meet with local leaders to discuss housing in Pembrokeshire and see how I can support.

“I am an avid campaigner and activist myself but being respectful and reasonable should always be a baseline for discussion.”

Western Telegraph:

Holiday lets and the drastic increase in property prices are having a detrimental impact on local communities.

The village of Cwm-yr-Eglwys is now only home to two permanent residents.