THE mayor of Pembroke Dock has questioned whether a development proposal in the town will meet any affordable housing needs.

On April 5, Evans Banks Planning published a 28 day pre-application consultation on a development to build 25 houses at the site of the old Cleddau Bridge Hotel on Essex Road.

Instructed by Hawkfire Developments Ltd, Evans Banks has set out a site plan for eight three-bedroom bungalows, eight three-bed two storey homes, four four-bedroom two storey homes, and five four-bedroom three storey houses.

The plan will involve the complete demolition of the hotel which has remained in semi-derelict because of a fire in March 2019.

Mayor of Pembroke Dock Josh Beynon published the initial plans on his Facebook account.

One of the biggest concerns is the availability of affordable housing.

Replying to queries on his post, Cllr Beynon stated that he would not support the application if it did not accommodate affordable homes.

Cllr Beynon said: “I think more housing is good as long as it’s affordable, decent quality and doesn’t out price people in the local area. However, I’m not sure this application meets the above and I’m hoping to find out more as more is uploaded.

“If it doesn’t meet the above, it won’t have my support.”

Western Telegraph: Twenty-five houses are proposed to be builtTwenty-five houses are proposed to be built

Another comment queried whether it would be better to turn the site into another hotel.

Evans Banks addressed this in their ‘design concept’ saying the fire to Cleddau Bridge Hotel caused considerable structural damage and any restoration of the hotel would require extensive rebuilding, which must be balanced against demand.

The development will comprise a cul-de-sac scheme, but also with detached and semi-detached bungalows and houses fronting Essex Road to mirror the established development off the opposite, southern flank of the road.

The existing surfaced car parking area will be broken up to introduce domestic garden space within residential plots.

All units will be equipped with rear garden space and there is a proposal to build a new pavement.

Western Telegraph: The site of the former Cleddau Bridge HotelThe site of the former Cleddau Bridge Hotel

The pre-application consultation will run until May 3 before being prepared for submission to the Pembrokeshire County Council planning department.

The consultation will look to take into account views of Welsh Water, Highways, local councillors, and residents around the area.

Hard copies of the proposal are available in Pembroke Dock library on Water Street for the public to access.